About GLMS

Don’t expect much activity here, and especially don’t expect much activity relevant to the original name/concept of the blog!

Blogging was the original way of getting information out on the web for me.  Had an active blog back in the bad old days (of roll your own blogs) for a long time.  However, time has moved on.  I migrated to Twitter initially (and missed my old blog), but struggled on in that new world.  Then Facebook came along and I moved most of my posting there despite the limitations.  Now that Facebook has nice easy to use pages, well, that’s the best way to go for *nearly* everything.

No need to panic though.  On occasion there have still been “blog-worthy” concepts I’ve had.  I intend on putting them here.  Although, I can’t guarantee that many of them will actually reflect the original MotorSports concept of this blog…