Sound, it’s important…

by glmotorsports

I never realized exactly how important sound was until I watched a FIA Formula E race…

I consider myself pretty solidly in the anti-pollution camp.  Not primarily the “standard” definition, with my concerns being as strong, or stronger, regarding light and sound pollution than water/air.  Not a fan of loud exhausts, noisy HVAC systems, extraneous/poorly aimed lighting, etc.

However, it appears that the shriek of the engines is critical for a racing engine.  I’ve always liked Formula One (as well as some of the old IMSA cars) more than, say NASCAR, but have never known why.  After watching this Formula E event, I now understand…  F1 engines at 16,000-18,000 RPMs and Mazda 4 rotors at full boost just plain sound fast.  Do I want them to blow out my eardrums, no, but some volume is required with that sound to make for a truly great race watching experience.  Nearly silent, except for the whine like one hears from little toy RC cars, Formula E cars are boring.  Was the competition good, yes.  Were they actually fast, yes.  Did I enjoy watching the event, no.

Truly an unexpected revelation.  What are your thoughts on the sound (or lack thereof) of racing?