On making football work on TV

by glmotorsports

I’ve got 2 proposals to make American football less annoying for TV viewers. We need to solve the problems of games running over (resulting in missing end of games, start of next games, etc.). The current situation is completely unacceptable and needs to change. It’s not the 1920’s anymore…

First off, overtime needs to go. As in gone, completely. None of those weird rules that nobody understands anymore, just no more OT. If you have 2 teams that can play a full game without gaining an advantage, too bad, they both lose. No “half wins”, nothing. You’re done, you’re both losers, and you failed to secure a win, just like the real world. No exceptions for playoffs and championships. Tie a playoff, guess what, the next rung up somebody gets a free day as nobody moved up to play against them. Doesn’t count as a “win” for them as they didn’t have to play, but they move up anyways since they didn’t lose. If the championship ends up with only one team, well, they just won by default by making it to the top without losing. If the championship ends in a tie, well, they’re both losers, nobody gets the championship that year. Try again next year.

Secondly, it’s time to take a cue from some of the more forward thinking automotive racing series where events are hard time limited. It’s a 2 hour race, that’s all you get. Red flag for 1.5 hours, too bad. You still end at the same time. Make the football games 3 real time hours long. Replace “quarters” with 15 minute periods. Play as many as you can fit. Last period probably is NOT going to fit. Hit the hard total time limit, you’re done at the end of the play (if you’re in one, otherwise you’re done right then).

Let’s get this done, no excuses!