Bad decisions.

by glmotorsports

I’ve been reflecting on decision making recently.  To be more specific, the chain of events involved in decisions that turn out bad.  While much of failed vs. good decisions appears to be just plain ol’ dumb luck, there appears to be one indicator in particular that has an impact on the chance of a successful decision.

Simply following the decision through to it’s logical conclusion is that factor.  Often performing that exercise leads to results that seem absurd or nonsensical to our puny little brains.  However, that supposedly absurd event is too often exactly what will happen in the end.  Failures in our risk management cause us to disregard results that we don’t find attractive.  Probably a good thing, or we’d never take a chance.  However, don’t let that sway you into automatically disregarding what seems like an absurd outcome.  Take that result into consideration in the final decision making in order to improve decision-making success rate!