Full house…

by glmotorsports

Really, our house isn’t as full as others, but a few recent conversations have me thinking about it again. I’ve grown to appreciate a nice empty room, just ready and waiting for a project! While having the perfect decorations (including large pieces of furniture and expensive electronics) all throughout the house does make it look nice, it really decreases the liveability.

Why am I spending all this money on objects that clutter everything up and decrease the amount of enjoyment I get out of life? Why add things that make it harder to reach all of my goals due to their consumption of money and time?

Some items I tell myself are investments or collectibles. That just means I spend a lot of resources to acquire them, only to find them worthless when I find that they don’t satisfy a real need. Should have just done without. If the “stuff” isn’t directly supporting some type of project or adventure, then it’s not filling a true need. This random stuff is merely means to an end and becomes a negative when it’s treated as an end itself.

Don’t just collect stuff. Acquire items that contribute to life’s next adventure!