On a Minimalist Life and large purchases.

by glmotorsports

One thing that I’ve happened to notice about the “Minimalist Life” (as written about frequently in many popular blogs these days) is that there’s a wide spectrum of beliefs about exactly what it means.  Certainly there’s a common core of “not buying/consuming more than you need”, but the “need” portion leaves it quite open-ended.  This is a beautiful thing as it doesn’t reject anyone at any point along their personal journey.  However, it’s often overlooked by those new to the concept.

I confess that I have far too many “things”, but yet I am also on the Minimalist path.  A unique path though, as I have less than I’ve had in the past in many ways, yet have more in other ways.  I no longer bulk up on all the latest disposable tech toys.  I don’t run out and replace perfectly good cars with a new one just for the “new car smell”.  I’m happy to watch my old overpurchases gradually fade away through attrition.  Trying to sell/give them away is a timesink I’m not willing to deal with.  Throwing them away seems too wasteful for me (for items that are at least somewhat useful still!  Trash is trash!).

Another way that my path is different from the mainstream is that the daily Minimalism allows me to do big things I would not be able to do if I was trapped in the standard consumer lifestyle.  By no means am I a rich person, but with all the money I’ve saved I’ve been able to take my old cars and go racing with them.  I’ve also been able to become a Private Pilot.  Not the typical Minimalist endeavors such as vacationing (which holds no interest to me).  Once again, on my own path, one that avoiding unnecessary waste has allowed me to follow.

So, don’t feel that you have to discard what you love and follow a prescribed set of rules on your journey.  It’s really all about dropping what’s not important to you in order that you may have more time, money, and general resources available for what truly is important to you!